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Looking for paving slab suppliers in Swansea? There are plenty of choices available from a range of companies offering everything from plain grey concrete slabs to black porcelain slabs.

Some of the paving  choices offered include – concrete, Indian Sandstone, slate, granite, York, stone, smooth and non-slip, and more.

Paving suppliers supply: Indian Sandstone is widely used as the external natural Stone of choice for commercial and domestic garden projects, Sandstone patio slabs are available in an extensive range of finishes and colours making them the most popular choice of garden paving slabs, and other projects.

Other paving suppliers offer – Quartzite  which is a type of  modified sandstone,  slate for a traditional durable hardwearing patio slab, limestone is a natural stone that offers a traditional look and feel, it is also a hardwearing durable patio slab, granite paving makes for a contemporary elegant paving slab, renowned for its overall strength and durability, and porcelain slabs which is an exceptionally dense material, it is therefore extremely hard-wearing.

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